Lawns & Landscaping

Our client couldn’t quite see how things would be when they approached us; we sat down with them, advised them on the best practice and even took them to a builder’s merchant to show them the selection of paving to choose from. We then did a sketch of the garden and worked out what and where items could go, in the end the client was more than happy with all of our team and the results achieved.

Stage 1

We excavated all the old weeds, lawns, borders and patio areas in order to get a clean site to prepare.

Stage 2

We used a rotavator to clean out any surplus stones and weeds and to get the land reasonably level prior to turfing.

Stage 3

A new patio area was formed, along with new borders and planting areas.

Stage 4

The lawn was laid, patio area completed and borders filled with a variety of shrubs and small conifers.